The Ultimate Android Security Checklist

Ron Munitz


In this session I will present the essential security measures for Application Developers, show how to reverse engineer purely protected apps, and discuss what common security guidelines will and will not work against untrusted, rooted devices. The session will include the confessions of an evil, yet good attacker, and will unleash some serious security flaws you have probably never considered in your app development.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Ron Munitz

Founder - @thePSCG

Ron is an entrepreneur and software development consultant. He has a long history of developing for performance and safety critical software, leading development groups, training application and platform developers, and helping companies in the process of board bring-ups, design and execution of embedded systems products, security best practices and product start-up. He is a frequent speaker at developer conferences, sharing his expertise of all aspects of Distributed Systems, Security and Android Internals. When not running his startup, you can find him teaching Android Internals courses.

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