Kick-start your experience with Android Wear

Mario Viviani


With Android Wear the "wearables era" is officially opened. Android apps can now extend beyond the limits of smartphone and tablets, providing to the user a new kind of interaction where "less is more", opening new ways for developers to deliver contents. In this talk we will discover how to easily setup and include Android Wear features within Android Apps in just a few minutes, an overview of Android Studio tools for Wear development, what are the best practices of Wear APIs we should keep in mind and what are the main differerences between "classic" Android handheld development and Wear.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Mario Viviani

Technology Evangelist - Amazon Appstore

Mario Viviani is Technology Evangelist at Amazon Appstore UK. He started mobile development in 2010, focusing on the Android platform. In 2011 he founded the mobile-focused startup Mariux Apps, where he published more than 90 apps and reached more than 12 million total downloads. In 2013 he was awarded by Google of the Google Developer Expert title for Android, and has spoken at worldwide events including Droidcon, Android Developer Days, TEDx and Google I/O. In 2015 he joined Amazon, where as Technology Evangelist he engages with the mobile developer community,

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