Hacking your doorbell

Karl-Henrik Nilsson


Interested in getting started reverse engineering hardware? In this talk we will take a look at how I took a regular doorbell and made it computer controlled, and how extremely simple it was! This talk asserts the possible technology choices for hardware hacking such as Arduino, Netduino,Raspberry PI and more, how basic reverse engineering of existing hardware is done (analysis, tools for analysis etc) and how to get started hacking hardware in a Microsoft/C# .NET (well mostly) environment TODAY!

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Karl-Henrik Nilsson

Senior developer / Software architect - Sogeti

Karl-Henrik is an experienced developer that have written code for anything from cellular network base stations to websites. He runs the local Microsoft competence network at Sogeti and spend a somewhat obsessive amount of his free time building smarter devices. "If you ever need to see a man about building a smarter toaster - I'm that guy" Previous speaking engagements at DevDay, IT-Arena, IT-Weekend and dozens of meetups,work and university talks.

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