Securing your apps with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect

Roland Guijt


In the past you could come by with designing a login screen with a username and login textbox in your app and directly check the credentials in a database. But we're living in the age of (Web) APIs. With modern apps, like SPAs, just authenticating with the website isn't enough, you also want to connect on behalf of the logged in user in a Web API that is providing data for example. OpenId Connect and OAuth2 for authorisation together are the complete solution to this problem. In this session after a furter explanation we'll look at a collection of .Net apps that demonstrate this process.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Roland Guijt

Principal Consultant - R.M.G. Holding B.V.

Roland is a Microsoft MVP, passionate developer, international speaker, Pluralsight author and trainer (MCT). Disciplines are all of .Net, javascript + libraries, enterprise computing and mobile app development.

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