Every millisecond counts: Techniques, strategies, and tools for a Web Performance Jedi Wannabe

Marco Casario


Developers, Designers, and Project Managers love to promise high performance for their web apps. But they know they're lying. In fact most of the websites fail from a performance point of view. In this talk I focus on every aspect and strategy that you have to consider to to fulfill the promise: performance metrics, measurements and monitoring strategy, optimization best practices, the paradox of third-party content, image rendering, browser performance tools. With one goal in mind: finding small changes that led to some of the biggest performance gains.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Marco Casario

BDM - Codemotion

Marco has been passionate about programming since he was little more than a child and used to program games in Basic for Commodore 64 before dedicating himself, while still very young, to innovative projects for the web using Javascript and Flash. In 2005, Marco has founded Comtaste (www.comtaste.com), a company dedicated to exploring new frontiers in Rich Internet and Mobile Applications and the convergence between the web and the world of mobile devices. He is author of the following book projects: HTML 5 Solutions, CSS3 Solutions, Flex 4 Cookbook, AIR Cookbook, and many more.

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