The Value of Open Source

Robin Johnson


Open Source is undoubtably valuable and has a strong intrinsic worth. But where does this value exist? Does the value lie in the software produced, or somewhere else? How could Open Sourcing your software benefit your company? In this talk we’ll explore the main benefits of Open Source, how it can benefit you and how it can lead to better software.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Robin Johnson

Developer Evangelist - SendGrid

A Polyglot Programmer and Developer Evangelist at SendGrid, currently working amongst the world-wide developer community to ease the adoption of Email API technology. Having spoken at some of the world's leading technical conferences, Robin is building his way to being a player in the London tech scene; attending, speaking at, and even helping organise multiple large events. Mentoring on topics such as Distributed Systems, Golang, NoSQL Databases and Open Source values; Robin is as much hacker as he is hustler.

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