From Docker To Kubernetes: A Developer's Guide To Containers

Mandy Waite


Everyone is talking about Containers, but mostly in the context of how they work and not why and when they are useful or how to apply them to your own often complex and unique Use Cases. We'll start by looking at how Docker works by manually creating a simple guestbook application using Docker Containers running Redis and PHP. We'll then use the same application to show how you can use Kubernetes and Google Container Engine to create a cluster of nodes, declare to that cluster what you expect it to do, and then have the cluster assign resources as needed, run your work, recover from failures.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Mandy Waite

Developer Advocate - Google

Mandy works at Google as a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform and is working to make the world a better place for developers building applications for the Cloud. She came to Google from Sun Microsystems where she worked with partners on performance and optimisation of large scale applications and services before moving on to building an ecosystem of Open Source applications for OpenSolaris. In her spare time she is learning Japanese and plays the guitar.

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