How to create a product (Practical Guide)

Giuseppe Laddomada


When developing a new product, two problems often arise: - Which features should be developed? - How to work with developers avoiding frustration? The aim of the talk is to present a practical process to manage the development of new features. Specifically, it illustrates the tricks that product managers use to navigate through the complexity of product development. The process is described with practical examples and it is composed by 3 steps: 1) Choosing the features 2) Managing the development 3) Measuring the results

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Giuseppe Laddomada

Cofounder and CPO - Travelchat

I am the founder of Travelchat, an app that lets you chat with locals in real-time. In the last years, I have been working as product manager in several Berlin startups (including Rocket Internet, MONOQI & bonusbox). Beforehand, I studied innovation at Copenhagen Business School and Stockholm School of Economics and I have a double master degree from CEMS.

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