Domain Driven Design + Command Query Responsibility Segregation + Event Sourcing = l’architettura del futuro

Valerio Del Bello, Massimo Nardelli


Qual'รจ lo stato dell'arte delle architetture software? Costruiamo la soluzione con le ultime evoluzioni di Domain Driven Design, otteniamo ottime prestazioni con Command Query Responsibility Segregation e scaliamo alla grande con Event Sourcing, puntando ai microservice per ottenere un'architettura robusta, affidabile, veloce, distribuita e scalabile.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Valerio Del Bello

Consultant - K-Tech

Always interested in improving software development methods and approaches, he gets excited with new technologies and technical solutions. He has been working for seven years as a consultant in (mostly) Java-oriented environments and spends it's free time exploring new methodologies or having fun experimenting the latest technology. He believes it's important to deeply understand the business needs to develop a great solution choosing the best architecture and technologies.

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Massimo Nardelli

Developer - K-Tech

Java developer, Domain Driven Design enthusiast. He is fond of good development methodologies and approaches, like Scrum, XP, DDD, BDD. His main philosophy is that his job is about delivering value – richness – through technology that processes information: deeply understanding the business, its processes and even its words and terminology is a main objective. His favourite principles and patterns are: “Information expert” and the “Ubiquitous language“.

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