Integrating User Experience and Agile

Bermon Painter


The web is no longer in it's infancy. We're growing up. The age old model of creating time consuming deliverables just to appease a client is over. Disciplines must now collaborate, reduce waste and learn to be truly agile in order to create high quality products. In this presentation attendees will discover: • a quick review of user experience • methodology tools in the toolbox (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean) • the difference between a deliverable and an artifact • integrating user experience into agile processes • ways to reduce waste and get to market quickly

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Bermon Painter

Experience Design, Practice Manager - Cardinal Solutions

Bermon is the organizer of various community groups for user experience designers and front-end developers, and the organizer of Blend Conference, a 3-day multi-track event for user experience strategists, designers and developers. He also leads the user experience team for Cardinal Solutions' Charlotte office where he consults with large enterprise clients on interesting problems across user experience, design and front-end development. In his free time he contributes to and is the father of the Sass logo.

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