Microsoft <3 Open Source

Lorenzo Barbieri, Erica Barone


Il meetup sarà un momento di confronto con tutti i partecipanti rispetto al cambiamento storico che Microsoft sta portando avanti. Questi alcuni dei temi che verranno trattati: .NET Core Open Source; ASP.NET su Linux/OSX; Visual Studio Community Edition gratuito per sviluppatori OSS e non; pieno supporto delle tecnologie Open Source (Linux, MongoDB, NodeJS, Hadoop, Python,…) sulla piattaforma Azure. Parleremo anche del supporto multi-piattaforma (Android, iOS, OSX, Windows) delle principali soluzioni Microsoft come ad esempio Office e dei framework di sviluppo per il Mobile (Cordova, Xamarin).

Language: Italian

Level: Beginner

Lorenzo Barbieri

Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft Western Europe

Lorenzo Barbieri is a Cloud Solution Architect based in Milan, Italy. He specializes in Cloud Application Development, both Azure and Office 365, Windows applications, Visual Studio, ALM and DevOps, and he likes to talk with people and communities about technology, food and funny things. He is a speaker, a trainer and a public speaking coach. He helped many MSPs, devs and colleagues, improving their stage presence, to deliver great presentations. He works for Microsoft Western Europe, in the PDU Alps division, helping partners, developers, communities and customers with software development

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Erica Barone

Software Development Engineer - Microsoft

Erica Barone is Software Development Engineer in CSE team since May 2017. After one year working as Firmware Developer in Datalogic Automation s.r.l., she joined Microsoft in 2014 as Technical Evangelist in DX Italy. In the following 3 years her core technology rapidly moved from Windows to Internet of Things. As Tech Evangelist, she was speaker in several Italian conferences (Codemotion, WPC, Future Decoded), she worked on some IoT projects and managed all MS Tech Communities in the Italian territory. Now as SDE she is focused on IoT and AI scenarios.

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