In Flight Data Fusion. Drones How To and Why

Nicola Marietti


No one doubts that a drone flights. We will show what there is behind the data fusion of all the data from the single sensors and how/why the drones use them for flight functionality. Today drones are "isolated systems" with and high need of ideas and software developments to be part of a more integrated world.

Language: Italian

Level: Advanced

Nicola Marietti

Founder - Aibotix Italia

Behind Aibotix Italia is an international, dynamic team with one great thing in common: the passion for artificial intelligence and robotics. Hence the company’s name AIBOTIX consists of AI for Artificial Intelligence and BOTIX for Robotics. With creativity, expertise and passion we explore every day the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence anew. Our goal: the development of intelligent, computer-controlled devices that make our work and lives easier and safer. Our core product is the flying robot Aibot X6.

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In Flight Data Fusion. Drones How To and Why from Codemotion