Building Successful APIs Overnight

Orlando K


Hackathons have boomed, people attending such events have been consuming thousands of APIs to power their creative projects. However, not everyone can consume APIs like a boss. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in promoting and ensuring best practices are followed when building APIs. In this talk I will give you an overview of how to build a potentially successful API overnight, like hackathoneers do. A recipe for success as a takeaway from this talk will be shared. Topics covered: Evolution of APIs, Hackathons, REST API Frameworks, API Design, API Editors, API Management

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Orlando K

API Overlord - Mashape

I am a keen software developer who likes APIs a whole lot - I often go to hackathons during weekends to release my inner passion for new ideas and quick code writing/prototyping. Occasionally watch sport on TV, but only if it's a major event.

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