Measuring Micro-services

Richard Rodger


Micro-service systems deliver wonderful adaptability to business needs, easy scalability, and low-risk deployment. What's not to like? You also end up with a system that's hard to understand, measure and predict. Traditional approaches to monitoring simply aren't powerful enough to handle the emergent properties of a system with lots of moving parts. The solution is to apply the scientific method! Anything can be measured. Uncertainty can be reduced, and stability can be an emergent property. We just have to learn the lessons that the natural world can teach us.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Richard Rodger

CTO - nearForm

Richard Rodger is the CTO of, a Node.js consultancy that builds large-scale systems. Richard is the author of Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley 2012), and was formerly CTO of, a mobile applications platform. He is a regular contributor to the Sunday Business Post newspaper in Ireland, and holds degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and Computer Science.

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Measuring Micro-services from Codemotion