Startup in Action!


Codemotion Rome 2015 Call For Startups: a great opportunity for the best hi-tech Startups to find developers and showcase their product to developers, engineers, Italian ICT companies and large international companies which will attend to the event..

Once again Codemotion turn out to be a great supporter for innovative startups to deal with companies and developers and promote a disrupting program: Startup in Action.

Startup in Action is the “event in the event” held by Codemotion Rome 2015, in collaboration with InnovActionLab, to present the best hi-tech startups and match them with the most talented developers.


What is Startup in Action?

It is a contest held by Codemotion Rome 2015 to give to the best hi-tech Startups the great opportunity to be known and to show their own product to developers, engineers, Italian ICT companies and large international companies which will attend to Codemotion Rome.

Working for a startup could be less valuable in term of reward than dealing with a big company, but it could be a really thrilling challenge: Startup in Action program is meant to give tech Startups better awareness, focusing on their plus and being definitely more attractive for developers.

Selected Startups will get a desk a Codemotion Rome 2015 and some of them will have the opportunity to pitch in the main conference… Which better occasion to show your products and meet the best developers?


Who can participate?

This contest is addressed both to young and already under way startups with a maximum turnover of 1 million of euros.

We are looking for hi-tech startups (startups who have technological products or in which the technological component is important) who are hiring developers or/and looking to fill in other positions.


Why to partecipate?

Hiring Startups will have the opportunity to meet and talk to the best developers and to find the figures they are looking for among them.

Furthermore, they will introduce themselves and their products/technologies to an audience of highly qualified IT professionals.


What will selected startups get?

For all the the startups selected by InnovAction Lab:

  • free mini desk in the startup area, in Codemotion Rome Conference, the 27th and 28th of March where they can show their products, technologies and ideas to Codemotion attendees.
  • logo on Codemotion website
  • totem/wall with startup logo

Only for some selected, in addition to the above:

  • pitch in the main conference to introduce themselves in front of the startups investors and developers during Codemotion Conference, in March, Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th. This benefit, too, is mandatory for these selected startups..

Pitches’ session will be presented by the chairman Augusto Coppola, co-founder and president of InnovactionLab and director of acceleration program of Luiss Enlabs.

How participate?

To apply, startups had to send their application by the 3rd of March.


Codemotion Rome: the right place to meet the right devs!

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