Mario Fusco

DATE: Thursday the 26th of March. Java 8 has been the most revolutionary Java release. It not only introduced lambdas making Java an hybrid object oriented and functional language, but also enriched its API with extremely useful classes like Stream and CompletableFuture. This WS will explain all these news with practical examples. LANGUAGE Italian LEVEL Medium…


Carlo Bonamico

DATE: Thursday the 26th of March. After the initial “Wow” phase, developers adopting Angular face many challenging choices about how to architect, design, decompose and implement production-ready applications. The workshop aims at sharing the experience gained in the development of several mobile and enterprise HTML5 applications. LANGUAGE Italian LEVEL High DURATION The workshop is full-day (8…


Mario Cartia

DATE: Thursday the 26th of March. What is Big Data? A Gartner analyst has characterized Big Data as “data that’s an order of magnitude greater than data you’re accustomed to”. The workshop introduces the topic of Big Data by providing a practical knowledge of the tools and techniques most commonly used to handle them. LANGUAGE…


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