Control a mini robotic arm using an interactive glove – Fablab Roma Makers

27-28th of March  – 11.40 am to 1.10 pm

Fablab Roma Makers

WARNING: seats are limited, reserve your place on the same day in Codemotion Maker area, directly to the Fablab Rome Desk.

Access to this workshop is allowed to Codemotion Conference Ticket holders.

This workshop is focused on wearable tech and smart textiles. At first we’ll realize together an interactive glove, sewing to it a smart textile string. In this way you will learn how to assemble a mini robotic arm and how to create the software (an Arduino sketch) to make an arm move, with the input of the hand wearing the glove.

NB. Please, notice that you can not take away the robotic arm you worked with during the workshop at the end of it. If you’d like to, you can buy it at the Store you will find in the Maker Zone


How to participate:
Bring a laptop with you.

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