NodeSchool Italy

Friday, 27 March – 2 pm to 5:10 pm

Mentors: Michele Capra

WARNING: seats are limited, booking is required.

Access to Labs is allowed to Codemotion Conference Ticket holders.

NodeSchool is a collection of workshops, that help you learn server-side JavaScript by writing code and solving challenges. All the attendees are divided into tight groups of 5 people with a mentor devoted to making their Javascript awesome! We would do workshops about node.js basics, writing web app with express.js or Hapi.js, node streams, designing custom databases with leveldb, and writing node.js modules in C++, so this lab is suited for both beginners and experts!

How to participate:
Bring a laptop with you with node.js installed. You should have some exposure to javascript code.

Language: English/Italian
Level: Beginner

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